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by Chris posted on Oct 10, 2014
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I spent tonight working on the UI, drag and drop items, mounting weapons onto ships... fun stuff that needs to be done. There's a lot that goes into it and there's still a lot more work to be completed but we're getting there! Woohoo!

We were talking about fun ways to fuel ship energy reactors in space and different ways players may achieve this. Given that ships wont have unlimited inventory space for fuel (you can increase ship capacity with upgrade modules) then if you're travelling larger distances you're going to have to stop for refueling at some point before your reactor runs dry. One way to refuel would be harvesting fuel resources on a planet and refining it, another might be collecting gases from different stars, or a third way might be buying from a seller at an intergalactic trade hub; or if you're more of a pirate, you could always try and kill someone and steal theirs! Nonetheless, given Stardale is space age then you will reach a level of technology where refueling isn't something you have to do often - but still every once and awhile depending on the level of your ships reactor and power array. What do you think?
by Chris posted on Oct 9, 2014
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Mining laser (trailing particles to be fixed). This ship (just one of many) has 5 mounting points that you can drop weapons onto and turrets will track targets and follow them. You don't see it here but the mounted weapon will also rotate to follow the target.
It's been a productive week so far and its just past halfway complete. I was thinking each week I'll post a "change log" of sorts, just a quick summary list of whats new/changed/added. I'm not sure it makes that much sense to do it when the game isn't even released as alpha but perhaps it might be interesting to track changes as I program and as the game progresses for you to see development progress - let me know what you think or if this is a good idea. Below is a list from the beginning of this week up until today at 5:25am EST and is mostly composed of added and created classes/methods/functions/components/etc since much of this is being coded in. You might see class names here and there, things like "SDParticleBullet" or "SDChatBoxUI". The SD stands for "Stardale" and is named this way for identification purposes. Also keep in mind we only have one programmer here but I will do my best to work my butt off for you every day!

Also, as the title notes, Xbox 360 and Playstation controllers are being added into Stardale. Today I had both a PS3 and Xbox 360 controller flying my little ship around in space! It's actually a lot of fun using a controller!!
Change Log Oct 6 to Oct 9
  • Added SDParticleBullet.
  • Fixed SDChatBoxUI timeout
  • SDShipWeaponTurret modified added impact particles when weapon shot.
  • PlayerController fixed JetPack rotation when player switched left/right view.
  • SDHelper changes to fix PixelPerfect
  • Fixed AlienShip texture (had artifact on it)
  • Added a bunch of particle textures.
  • Added Shuttle
  • Created Shuttle animations.
  • Created SDShip.cs to store in-space ship details.
  • Moved Player from Physics2D to full Physics 3D.
  • Updated Player rigidbody2d to rigidbody.
  • Updated PlayerController addforce and addtorque to Physics 3D from 2D.
  • Revised ChatBox and ChatList prefabs.
  • Updated SDFollowTransform added 'fixed/non-fixed' rotation option.
  • Moved folders to clean up asset manager a little.
  • Created Space Debris Particles.
  • Created basic outline of Ship Equip Manager.
  • Created basic component activation hotbar.
  • Continued working on item integration with in-space ships.
  • Added UIGrid for Weapons Array Hotbar
  • Added function to left/centre/right align UIGrid
  • Added SDHelper IsOdd function to check if number odd or even for centering grid.
  • Created SDUIShipConfigurationInterface to interface between UI and in-game player ship.
  • Updated SDUIItem to validate item in itemholder based on SDUIItemHolderType.
  • Updated SDShip class to manage player ship stats for when weapons are fired.
  • Added ScanForTarget basic target scanner functionality to SDShip for main player to scan for targets in range (not integrated with UI)
  • Added DrainShipEnergy to drain energy when ship equipment used.
  • Added ChargeShipEnergy to passively recharge ship.
  • Updated PlayerController
  • Added handles for Xbox360 and Playstation joysticks and fire button on PC.
  • Added raycast to target 'Targetable Space Objects'
  • Disabled blood hit in space collisions for now.
  • Updated targeting for mounted turrets to account for updating player and target position each frame.
  • Created MiningLaser prefab.
  • Added ui->in-game ship functionality to place weapons on ship when they are placed in UI item holders on Ship Configuration Manager.
  • Created SDUIItemHolderTypes enum for StardaleLibrary.
  • Added SDUIItemHolderTypes enum class
  • Added mountType to PLItem
  • Added SDItem shipMountableItem variable to track if item is mountable on space vehicles.
  • Updated SDItem added variables for projectiles, missiles, miners, and lasers.
  • Updated ItemMaker form to add/update/remove above type items.
  • Updated SDItemType to account for in-space type items.
  • Updated ItemMaker tool to handle creating ship weapons/items/equipment.
  • Updated ItemMaker added variables for mining rates (m3 per cycle)
  • Updated ItemMaker added range/energy/tracking speed component modifiers for ship components.
  • Updated ItemMaker added projectiles/missile bay mountable items.
  • Updated ItemMaker added damage/range modifiers for projectiles and missile bay ammo.
  • Updated ItemMaker->Categories to set if item category is ammunition category or not for sorting.
  • Ship mountable items created in inventory can now be mounted on player ships.
  • Ship mining laser now fires at Targetable object.
  • Ship laser timer based and verifies energy available to fire.
  • Ship laser (and other mounts when created) will now be able to remove energy from energy grid and wont fire unless there is enough energy available on the ship.
  • Ship laser miners track target.
  • Ship now stores all target in x range.
  • Added crystals to asteroid textures.
  • Added multiple crystal variations to asteroid textures.
  • Created and completed Data Flow Chart to track flow between UI items and in-game mounted items.
  • Created and completed flow chart to track item handling interfacing from UI to in-game.
by Chris posted on Oct 7, 2014
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Sometimes a well made plan of attack is better than too quickly jumping into action and with that in mind yesterday I spent the day creating some charts and data flow diagrams for planning how weapons are mounted, tracked, and managed when you equip them on your ships. Ships in Stardale will be capable of mounting dozens of weapons and equipment types that may be slotted in by players - but unfortunately these features don't magically code themselves in on their own! ;) Between tracking items on the UI, interfacing them with player controlled ships, managing weapon types (laser, missile, or projectile to name a few)/energy consumption/ammo slotted in/targeting/range/cool downs/weapon speed/modifiers and a dozen other things then you begin to see how proper planning may be required. :cool: So with that said, I did a little extra planning and flow charts to act as a guide. Then I began coding them in for the later half of last night and all night tonight.... Although I must admit I got sidetracked for a little bit just playing with the asteroid physics and bouncing them around ;):D

It's 5am now so it's time to hit the bed for some sleep! Another day of work and progress now complete. Can't wait to get these things done and make it more playable!

P.S. Do these little asteroids remind anyone of cocoa puffs or corn pops in this color? Maybe if we get big we can license a cereal to Kelloggs called Stardale Puffs™ or Stardale Space Puffs™. :p Sounds catchy.
by Chris posted on Oct 5, 2014
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Cygnum Research and Development Corp. presents the Scorpio Class Shuttle. This early demo proudly reveals a test pilot showcasing the sleek and slender design of Cygnum R&D's most recent space technology project. Final details and the official name are still safely guarded in the lab.

This is a very early clip of in-space UI and space flight from my work today. It's not complete and in fact you can see there isn't anything mounted to it yet; but you can begin to see mounting points on the ship and some space dust! :) It's likely to change a lot from here to alpha/beta/release but might as well show some progress for everyone to see! :D

Click image or here for higher resolution preview.

by Chris posted on Oct 4, 2014
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Ladies and gents - it's time to cook the alien meat and potatoes from the shuttle bay molecular polarizer at zero-g. What's that mean? We're going to shift more of our focus now on in-space development to bring more of this into a reality. We already have some basic space components completed (as you can see in our preview video) but there's still a lot more work to do. A lot of people have been requesting to see more of this aspect of Stardale so I'm going to dive in and get the code whip cracking.

In the art department, Jose is working hard and drawing some small, medium, and large ships ranging from shuttlecraft to battleship juggernauts; we're very excited to see them and can't wait to share some sneak peaks when they're ready. :)

Finally, we've had plenty of good ideas and suggestions coming in on our forum and we love the feedback we've been receiving. :) Thanks to all new supporters backing us either on Kickstarter or our PayPal! Your support will do wonders to make sure all 3 of us working on this project are fed and working hard to bring you an amazing new game!
by Chris posted on Oct 2, 2014
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Just wanted to show a few quick shots of some snow in Stardale. This isn't a final snow particle but just goes to show you the physics of snow collecting. :)

Unfortunately gfycat washes out some of the video capture. See image at bottom for comparable screenshot.

This one's not really snow.. more like autumn leaves on a windy day.

stardale snow.
by Chris posted on Oct 1, 2014
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Deep Space Trends Inc. cordially introduces the latest designer boots from its fashion line into the Stardale universe. The Fusion Boots 3000 emit a soft glow to help you see through the night. These boots are trending through Stardale colonies and are captivating anyone who sees them with their elegance. Fusion Boots come for both gentlemen and ladies in all sizes and for a limited time are available exclusively to early supporters through backing us with the Stardale Beta Access Reward or higher.