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by Chris posted on Sep 30, 2014
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I've created a press kit section for the website and submitted a press release to go out October 1st! Raising funds and gaining traction for a Kickstarter can certainly be difficult but with your support we can reach our goal!

Stardale offers something for almost everyone - whether you like space adventures and flying your ship deep into outer space, creative building, killing bosses, player versus player in-space or on-world, setting up manufacturing plants, refining ores and resources to build things, or just exploring out in space or down in the deep underground; we are developing a game with rich content and loads to do!

Thanks to everyone who has registered so far and supported Stardale! Even just signing up to say hi, introducing yourself, and throwing some ideas in the hat for where you'd like to see Stardale go really helps us stay motivated! Lurkers don't be shy, feel free to sign up and let us know you're there :p.
by Chris posted on Sep 27, 2014
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Here's another small trailer for kickstarter fresh off the press. This is all pre-alpha development footage but it shows a bit more of Stardale and quickly cycles through some of the main features Stardale will bring to the 2d procedural game genre. Once again this is pre-alpha/developmental footage - not final product!

We've also added two new reward level to the kickstarter page. You can give $1 tips to tip the dev's and help keep pasta on our plates so we can eat affordable and economical food and continue to work hard. In addition there is a $5 reward level which gives you a nice cool little forum badge as a reward. :cool: Check them out on our Kickstarter!

Want to help but don't have any money? Sharing our Kickstarter on social media really helps. Spreading the word and going around telling everyone about our kickstarter and website all helps us. It's a long and difficult road to $15k but if we all fight hard we can reach our goal and achieve the revered 'funded' status! :D
by Chris posted on Sep 26, 2014
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We've received several requests to add PayPal support to our fundraiser since Kickstarter only accepts credit card payment. With that said, ta-da!! If you visit the Stardale Sales Terminal you will be able to support us and receive the same rewards you would have received through Kickstarter if you pay through PayPal! Simply click the Purchase button for the reward level of your liking.

Please note that forum badges won't be applied to your account until the Kickstarter completes to make sure everyone gets them at the same time. If we don't reach our Kickstarter goal then we will continue with Stardale and creating this awesome game and all purchases through our website will still be in effect so you'll be able to get your rewards no matter what! :)

Finally, if there are any bugs with the purchase page that you run into please let me know. I had to rewrite half of the PHP code to support tiered reward upgrade levels the same way Kickstarter does. :)
by Chris posted on Sep 25, 2014
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Our Stardale Kickstarter is now live! You can pledge and support us and preorder your copy of Stardale through our Kickstarter page and take advantage of the amazing rewards we're giving for the next 30 days! Rewards are pretty epic and range from naming in-game items, beta/alpha access, naming mobs, and even a leather bound book of Stardale artwork and select dev logs. In addition, every reward level gets a unique epic forum badge to give you distinction for your support! All rewards will be synced with our website allowing supporters to bind their reward level to their account and this will become available 14 days after the Kickstarter ends (that's when they give us the info).

I hope you'll support us and help us reach our goal. Remember that if we don't reach our goal of $15,000.00 then we receive zero funds from this Kickstarter; which means Stardale will take a lot longer to develop and it will take a lot longer for you to join in on an epic fun sci-fi space/adventure/creative exploration/building game! If you have any questions, comments, or any feedback at all please feel free to post and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!
by Chris posted on Sep 22, 2014
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stardale welcome.

We've had a few new sign ups and traffic is slowly increasing to our website so I want to say welcome to new and old visitors and anyone visiting or checking out our game! This week we'll be releasing our first in-game cut scene video! :D While the game is still pre-alpha with glitches, the video should show a nice little glimpse error free for the most part!

I spent today going through fixing and tracking down a few small bugs with tile placement as well as fixing up chat boxes to more accurately display message display duration. In addition I added in about 12 more tile maps that Jose had sent us awhile back. By release we'll have tools so players can easily customize and add their own tile maps in if they want to modify the game but right now that feature is on the to-do list. In the mean time the process is somewhat "manual" although not tedious or difficult.

Anyway, stay tuned, exciting week coming up!
by Chris posted on Sep 20, 2014
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Stardale Corp. of the research planet Alpha-252 proudly presents the Model-S Jetpack for your surface to air needs. The Model-S jetpack comes equipped with comfortable shoulder straps and universal modular connections to easily integrate and attach to your space suit. With simple push-button throttle control you can cruise through the air at your leisure. Jetpack fuel can be purchased at any inter-stellar trading station to provide you with hours of fun flying through the skies and getting to your destination in the air.
by Chris posted on Sep 20, 2014
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stardale rainbow gun.
As we develop Stardale we're creating more and more weapons. Tonight I made a few; one of them being a rainbow gun! As you can see it likes to bounce off things. Its bullets last about 7 seconds before fading away into nothing but this rainbow gun can be fun to push other people over cliffs or wherever else you like. Of course we'll have more lethal weapons but this one is more of just a fun little particle weapon... for now ;).​