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by Chris posted on Jul 21, 2014
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stardale mystic planet. stardale-chatbubble-ice planet.

This weekend I changed things up and implemented chat bubbles in-game. Even better, I also added emot-icons! I love emoticons in chat; I think they make text communication more colourful, vibrant, and give people the ability to convey emotion more easily rather than monotone plain text.

The chat bubbles display time are based on message length and longer messages will display for a longer period of time. Most in-game items will also be able to be linked in chat and have an icon and I can promise you that we will try to include a nice variety of emots for everyone! Perhaps you'll be able to tweet in-game too, but you'll have to wait and see. ;)

Next up is finally, and I mean finally (since I've said this in a previous post), getting the tiles to overlay smoothly. As you can see in this photo there is a hard line between different tile sets. That will be fixed next as this is a big component. It may not sound like much but it did require a lot of planning in the design phase.
by Chris posted on Jul 16, 2014
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I've been working on the tile layering the past few days. To implement the electrical grid layer and adjust the tile meshes to properly overlap each other I first needed to modify and create a few tools within the engine. With Unity it's fairly easy to make add-ons and tools to help you build your project and so that is what I've done to properly arrange the tile map chunks and layers more efficiently.

Here's a quick grab of the tiles without shaders. It'll look even cooler once shaders are on and lighting is used on each layer. You can also see some of the tiles in inventory. Please remember this is a developer build, very very alpha, and the image is not the final game in any way, there is still a lot more work to be completed!

With all of that said, I'm really really excited to get this electrical grid layer going and set up power distribution grids. It's going to be a lot of fun to set up power plants and then wire your planet up so electricity can get to where it needs to.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to sign up for the forums and comment!
by Chris posted on Jul 13, 2014
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We've added support now so that users can use their Google+, Facebook, or Twitter account to log onto the Stardale website. This should save you time from creating multiple accounts and it still allows you to create a custom username on the Stardale website so that your personal name is not used. Likewise, you can still always create a brand new account if you do not wish to link it with one of these three social media websites.

On another note, Jose has sent us some more character art and I'm working on coding more and building an electrical grid to transfer power from objects in-game. You can build your own power grid to transfer energy and electricity from placed objects in-game. This adds a fun new dimension and an added level of complexity to the game.
by Chris posted on Jul 6, 2014
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The Stardale about page is now up. This should give you more of an idea of what Stardale is about. I've included some early footage of in-game shots but there's a lot more to come, check the about page to see!. :)

There's also a bit about the Stardale lore posted, you can read about the founding of the cosmos within the Stardale Universe and the founders, who will play a role in your adventure. ;)
by Chris posted on Jul 3, 2014
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We've just updated the website background with some in-game art. Looks great and should fit most monitor resolutions. I hope you all like it! If you have a higher resolution monitor, you should be able to see some strata down below as well.
by Chris posted on Jul 3, 2014
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Jose has sent us some awesome new backgrounds to use for Stardale so I spent today setting up background parallax. For those who don't know, background parallax is when you have different layers of the background scrolling across at different speeds. For example, in Stardale one planet has a blue background layer, cloud layer, mountain layer, tree layer, and then another smaller tree layer in front. As you walk left or right you will notice that different background layers scroll with you at different speeds. This is called parallax and it is used to create a feeling of depth between the player and background.

I desperately wanted to make something to show you but I didn't quite finish everything in time for tonight so hopefully by tomorrow I can post either a picture or something better!!! :D
by Chris posted on Jun 27, 2014
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Just wanted to post a little screenshot of in-game. One thing that I love about the unity editor is how easy it is to use shaders and create nice lighting. You can see here with the rainbow colour these 5 different spot lights on the left blend just as you would expect with a real light, creating the colours in between. The yellow between the red and green is not another light but actual blending of a green and red spotlight. That's the same with the aqua blue and purple, these are spotlights converging and blending as they would in real life from green to blue to red. These tiles are also completely modifiable and can be dug through, placed, gathered to inventory.

The map from this level is about 5KM long but can be adjusted to different sizes. All maps in Stardale are procedurally generated. You can't see it here but if you were to dig deeper, you'd be digging into different types of strata.

As discussed before, we don't just stop here, the final product of Stardale will allow players to fly off planet to other worlds and different types of planets. You can build on your world and explore other worlds. Crafting, mining, exploring, a real economy, planetary defence, controlling your galactic empire of planets, and multiplayer, it's being built and developed to be included with Stardale.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)