About Stardale

What is Stardale?

Stardale is a game in development offering infinite possibilities with procedural generated universe, worlds, star systems, and galaxies, all explorable by players in a multiplayer or single player universe. As a player in Stardale, you are able to fly around in space, battle for control of planets and stars, participate in space events, and best of all, land on procedural generated planets to build on, explore, mine, harvest resources, and find new life!

All galaxies, star systems, and planets all around the universe are scattered and generated through procedural generation. Planets themselves, which you can land on, are procedural generated. Players can build, craft, explore, battle, research, develop economies, and quest in a universe that is ever expanding and changing - waiting for you to make your mark and shape its future. You can conquer your planet, your solar system, and the universe around you. You can build with friends, battle with enemies, planet hunt, or battle mobs and bosses. Whether you're into building, crafting, researching, buying and selling on the economy, or dabbling into universal politics, Stardale offers a diverse and in-depth game full of fun, adventure, and creative game-play.

Create, Build, Research, Sell on the Economy

Whether you want to fly through the universe on one of may space ships available, build for the fun of it, or buy and sell on the intergalactic economy - the choice is yours. The Intergalactic Stardale economy is shaped by players. On the economy you can buy or sell resources harvested; research you've developed; or items and equipment you've forged! There are trade hubs scattered throughout the stars and you can fly to them or for a few space dollars have your items delivered to you.

Feeling creative and want to build something amazing?

Stardale planets are created with procedural generattion and as a result are big sandboxes; on them you can build as you please and create whatever you like. In survival mode you'll have to research and develop your technology but if you're purely interested in creative then Stardale offers creative mode for building for fun without spending time on research or fighting mobs.

Patches and New Content

We will always be continuously releasing new content into Stardale to keep the game fresh. Stardale is the type of game where you don't reach an "end-game" because you could theoretically be building and playing forever. If you want to keep expanding your empire, conquering new planets, or building new and cool stuff, there is no end. If you want to get into the pursuit of entrepreneurship in-game and expand your business by crafting and selling, once again, there is no limit! There will always be planets to be harvested, resources to gather, items to build and sell, buildings to be created, and mobs to kill! We will always do our best to make sure there are fresh new mobs, new items, and fun and exciting content added regularly.

Multiplayer? Add-ons?

You can play on our official Stardale servers, a friends server, or host your own, it's up to you! We know people love add-ons and modifying both client and servers, so with that said, Stardale is friendly to addon dev's and custom servers.

Stardale Lore

In the beginning there was a giant explosion - a sudden burst of energy expanded as matter spread through the universe. As the matter and energy cooled, suns, planets, solar systems, and galaxies formed. Life followed and planets were no longer rocky surfaces but homes to living creatures. As life evolved, species grew, and soon intelligent self-aware beings began roaming their surfaces. The first sentient beings multiplied and evolved quickly, their thirst for knowledge and power acting as their driving force. These beings were the founders, the first ever lifeforms to have evolved to higher intelligence. They discovered power, electricity, technology, and left their home world. They spread to near by planets, colonized, and expanded their population and technology to the edge of the universe, all the while unimpeded in a cosmos still in its infancy.

The founders triumphed over everything they touched - until one day something happened and they all disappeared. It is not known what or how this happened but their existence is shown through the artefacts they left behind; hidden technologies buried deep by the sands of time. Life did not stop with them. New life forms evolved in their absence and the cosmos continues to grow daily. The Stardale Universe is waiting for you to join and carve your story into its history.

The Team

Chris is our software developer with years of experience programming in C#, Java, PHP, MySQL, among other programming and web scripting languages. He has built apps for Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, and now puts his effort into working on Stardale full time. Prior to Stardale Chris has served in the Canadian military at age 16, completed college and university with two degrees, worked for various private software contracts and is a dedicated and hard working developer with a high standard of success and achievement.

Kane is our online community manager. He has a decade of experience in the gaming industry running servers, building online communities, and working with developers. Kane was the founder of TerrariaOnline.com and a community manager working for the Curse gaming network.

Jose is our artist for the project. He has worked on numerous titles and has years of experience under his belt. Familiar titles that he's worked on creatively include Thor and Batman both for Nintendo DS. Jose has also worked on Skullgirls for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC among dozens of other games for both PC, console, and mobile platforms.

Pre-alpha development clips (pre-alpha!!):