Stardale Sales - FAQ


  • 1. What do I get with my purchase?

    Every package includes one digital copy of the Stardale game and a Steam copy once Stardale is greenlit. For additional lists of benefits, please see the listed bonuses listed under each reward section on the purchase page. Please note the rewards for backing our game are only available to buy for a limited time. Once the game releases these bonus will no longer be available for purchase.

  • 2. Why are you asking me to pay now?

    We've been building this project and working full time on our own personal savings but we're at a point where were out of funds and need your support. By backing our project now you will help us to not only live with less stress by not having to worry about putting food on the table but also help us to not have to go out and find second jobs.

  • 3. What if you don't reach your funding goals?

    Regardless of how many sales we make we will always continue to work on Stardale. Creating this game is a personal dream of ours and we want to take the best the genre has to offer and go further than other games have gone before. We have a lot of unique and fun ideas that we will include and incorporate into Stardale - so with that said, we will continue to work on Stardale no matter how many people buy it.

  • 4. How do I receive the rewards that come with the reward level I paid for?

    Some of the rewards will be automatically added to your account, others will become available as the game is developed. We will notify all users as items become available and include detailed instructions on how to use them.

    5. How often do you plan on updating the game?

    We plan on updating as frequently as possible. As we said before, Stardale is a personal dream of ours and we have countless ideas already on where we want to take the game. We've actually already roughly planned version 1.1 and 1.2 in addition to our release version because we want to take this game as far as it can go. With that said, we will release at least one larger update per month with new content, if not each week with smaller fixes and content.

    6. Will updates come free with the game?

    Yes they will. All updates for Stardale will come at no cost.

    7. How does naming of the bounty hunters, npc's, and mobs work?

    We will do our best to accommodate all types of names but they are subject to approval. Curse words and vulgar names unfortunately will not be accepted. After you purchase a package that includes naming options, you will then be able to post the suggested name through our website. This will become available as we develop Stardale and we will notify you when you can suggest a name.

    8. How do I claim my stars/planets for the name generator?

    Once we reach alpha and beta, this feature will begin to be implemted into the website and we will notify you how to submit your name requests.

    9. Will my named stars/planets/star systems that come with my reward level be in-game?

    Yes they will!