Dev Log: It's been another hard long day on the route to Stardale

Discussion in 'Developers Blog' started by Chris, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Hey everyone, it's been another long hard day of fixing some bugs and getting things going. I spent about 10 hours today programming and fixing bugs, crashes, and improvements. I've fixed about 20+ server bugs from handling client disconnects to multi login attempts from multiple clients logging in with the same user. I've resolved some multi-threading issues, probably introduced a few bugs, but fixed more than I broke - so we're moving forward and not backward! :p

    On a side note, anyone here heard of ASMR? I've discovered listening to either ASMR or rain noises throughout my day helps to stay focused and tune out background noises; the 10 hour rain YouTube videos also serve as a good timer to see how long since I last stood up lol, so far my shameful record is 5 hours before realizing I need to stand up and stretch - I don't recommend trying to beat this record, it's not healthy. :cool:
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