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Discussion in 'Developers Blog' started by Chris, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Today I ran into a little bit of a problem with shaders and lighting. One of the larger alien ships decided to stop working with spot lighting when I created an animation set for it. To overcome this I literally had to go all the way back to basics of creating a bare scene with the ship and lighting, nothing else. Still, the problem continued in a fresh setup. I tried using different shaders, nope still broken; tried recreating the texture thinking maybe there was an issue with importing the .psd file, still, the issue occurred. I tried changing the scaling (doubtful but tried it anyway), didn't fix it. Next I tried changing the lighting type - other lighting types worked however spot light did not. Finally I weeded it down to an issue with the way the texture was being split into an atlas and then diced up and drawn. I had to increase the poly count on this larger ship and it has now resolved the problem. Yay! :)

    Today I also spent time working on animations, creating lighting transitions, and lighting colour transitions. Since things don't just "magically happen" even simple things such as slowly (or fast) smooth transition from one light colour to the next needs to be programmed. Same with light fading/brightness, camera controls, moving the camera around for custom cut scenes, etc. So I spent a little bit of time doing these small bit very useful scripts to do this. As a result, now I can easily control lighting of - say for example, the thrust of a space shuttle so the lighting fades in and out; not only does the light fade, but it smoothly transitions from one colour to the next. :D

    Another cool little thing I was playing around with for fun yesterday were god rays (as seen in the image on the post). I can't promise these will be in the final version of Stardale (although you never know) ;). Nonetheless, it looked pretty epic in my opinion for the reason that there are dynamically created shadows blocking the sun shafts.
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