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    Hey everyone, another week of development has gone by and we're still working hard!

    This week we've accomplished quite a bit including asteroid mining! Woohoo! It's in the process of being fully completed but we can mine asteroids :D. Even better, you can drag/drop and combine them in your inventory! Sounds basic but everything has to be added in so even the most basic things are more than what they seem. We've also created pumpkin missiles as you've seen in a previous post, I've worked on the UI more, fixed some Playstation 4 and Xbox 360 controller issues, and Jose has sent us some halloween art as well! A summary list of what we've done this week is below for those who are interested.

    Also, forum badges will go live later today for anyone who has pre-purchased through our website!

    stardale-pumpkinbullet2. A bit of what we've been up to this week:

    pumpkinbullet. Created UI wheel button options.
    pumpkinbullet. Created trig. math method to calculate placement position.
    pumpkinbullet. Asteroids now have mineral count for mining.
    pumpkinbullet. Added outline for mining, can now mine asteroids.
    pumpkinbullet. Added functionality to transfer minerals mined from asteroids into player inventory.
    pumpkinbullet. Fixed some bugs with turret rotation.
    pumpkinbullet. Added circle wheel texture
    pumpkinbullet. Fixed rotating issue where turret would rotate out of control.
    pumpkinbullet. Fixed issue where controller button wouldn't fire.
    pumpkinbullet. Added rotate to pumpkin particles.
    pumpkinbullet. Created Missile Launcher functionality
    pumpkinbullet. Updated Weapon Turret to handle missile launcher
    pumpkinbullet. Added manual override control for missile launcher
    pumpkinbullet. Added auto targeting for missile launcher.

    pumpkinbullet. Added playership enum types
    pumpkinbullet. Created pumpkin mesh in Blender for collision particles. Did you know the pumpkin particle in a previous post is actually a 3D mesh?
    pumpkinbullet. Added playership sprite animation methods to control changed ships.
    pumpkinbullet. Added function for mounted items activated by hotbar to check for power available before activating.
    pumpkinbullet. Added function to enable hotbar ship weapons.
    pumpkinbullet. Added function to disable hotbar ship weapons.
    pumpkinbullet. Added data class for mounting point locations to be stored.
    pumpkinbullet. Overhauled background manager, implemented exponential decay to make mountains in background move down as player moves higher. Higher you move, faster mountains move down - or vice versa.
    pumpkinbullet. Reworked some of background parallax positions given that tilemap was resized to make pixel perfect.
    pumpkinbullet. Added more functionality to UIItems drag/drop when weapons slotted in on ship.
    pumpkinbullet. Created customized Rotation lerp function for smoothly handling rotation animations.
    pumpkinbullet. Added method to check if power available to activate weapon turret.
    pumpkinbullet. Disabled weapons when slotted in, previously they incorrectly activated on their own.
    pumpkinbullet. Added some SaturnV sound effects.
    P.S. Like the pumpkin's Jose drew? They were meant for in-game but they also make awesome bullet points! Hehe.
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