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    I've created a press kit section for the website and submitted a press release to go out October 1st! Raising funds and gaining traction for a Kickstarter can certainly be difficult but with your support we can reach our goal!

    Stardale offers something for almost everyone - whether you like space adventures and flying your ship deep into outer space, creative building, killing bosses, player versus player in-space or on-world, setting up manufacturing plants, refining ores and resources to build things, or just exploring out in space or down in the deep underground; we are developing a game with rich content and loads to do!

    Thanks to everyone who has registered so far and supported Stardale! Even just signing up to say hi, introducing yourself, and throwing some ideas in the hat for where you'd like to see Stardale go really helps us stay motivated! Lurkers don't be shy, feel free to sign up and let us know you're there :p.

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